How to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts

Are you wondering where to find royalty-free images for your WordPress blog posts? Royalty-free images can be used on your website without having to pay royalties to the copyright holder. This allows you to use high-quality images in your blog posts and make your site… Read More »
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Bringing New Input Support to Desktop AVD

Posted by Joshua Hale – Software Engineer

As large screens become increasingly important within the Android app ecosystem, we are committed to enhance tools to help Android developers adapt their apps for these large screen form factors. In doing...

Increasing trust for embedded media

Posted by the Android team

Android WebView is a powerful and flexible API that Android developers can use to embed media in their apps, and continually improving its security and privacy protections is a top priority for our team. For example, em...

Challenge: SwiftUI science fiction!

With its robots, spaceships, and occasional brains floating in jars, science fiction is the perfect playground for a creative challenge with SwiftUI. And so we’re inviting you to conceptualize or recreate a scene from your sci-fi dreams. Whether you us...

Kali Default Non-Root User

For years now, Kali has inherited the default root user policy from BackTrack. As part of our evaluation of Kali tools and policies we have decided to change this and move Kali to a “traditional default non-root user” model. This change wil...

Kali Linux 2.0 Release – Sana

Our Next Generation Penetration Testing Platform
We’re still buzzing and recovering from the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences where we finished presenting our new [Kali Linux Dojo](](/docs/development/dojo-mastering-live-build/), which was a bla...

Kali Linux on Android using Linux Deploy

Kali Linux on any Android Phone or Tablet

Getting Kali Linux to run on ARM hardware has been a major goal for us since day one. So far, we’ve built native images for the Samsung Chromebook, Odroid U2, Raspberry Pi, RK3306, Galaxy Note 10.1,...