More frequent, focused updates for Android Studio

Posted by Adarsh Fernando, Senior Product Manager, Android Studio

Three years ago, we changed how we named and versioned Android Studio to make it easier to follow updates – we changed how we numbered the versions of the IDE to more closely map t...

How we fought bad apps and bad actors in 2023

Posted by Steve Kafka and Khawaja Shams (Android Security and Privacy Team), and Mohet Saxena (Play Trust and Safety)

A safe and trusted Google Play experience is our top priority. We leverage our SAFE (see below) principles to provide the framework ...

The First Beta of Android 15

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

Today we're releasing the first beta of Android 15. With the progress we've made refining the features and stability of Android 15, it's time to open the experience up to both developers and early adopter...

Address Sanitizer for Bare-metal Firmware

Posted by Eugene Rodionov and Ivan Lozano, Android Team

With steady improvements to Android userspace and kernel security, we have noticed an increasing interest from security researchers directed towards lower level firmware. This area has tradition...

The Second Developer Preview of Android 15

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

Today marks the second chapter of the Android 15 story with the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 2!

Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps improve your productivity while giv...

Tune in for Google I/O on May 14

Posted by Jeanine Banks – VP & General Manager, Developer X, and Head of Developer Relations

Google I/O is arriving this year on May 14th and you’re invited to join us online! I/O offers something for everyone, whether you are developing a ne...

Android Studio Iguana is stable

Posted by Neville Sicard-Gregory – Senior Product Manager, Android Studio

Today we are launching Android Studio Iguana 🦎 in the stable release channel to make it easier for you to create high quality apps. With features like Version Control Syste...

New ways to annotate Google Docs

What’s changingWe’re excited to announce a new feature, markups in Google Docs, which gives you more flexibility when providing feedback in a document. The new markups experience lets you add handwritten annotations to documents with a stylus or your f...

The First Developer Preview of Android 15

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

We're releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 15 today so you, our developers, can collaborate with us to build a better Android.

Android 15 continues our work to build a platform that helps imp...

Improving Interoperability Between Rust and C++

Posted by Lars Bergstrom – Director, Android Platform Tools & Libraries and Chair of the Rust Foundation Board

Back in 2021, we announced that Google was joining the Rust Foundation. At the time, Rust was already in wide use across Android and ot...

Prompt users to update to your latest app version

Posted by Lidia Gaymond – Product Manager, Google Play

For years, Google Play has helped users enjoy the latest versions of your app through auto-updates or in-app updates. While most users update their apps this way, some may still be stuck on o...

A New Approach to Real-Money Games on Google Play

Posted by Karan Gambhir – Director, Global Trust and Safety Partnerships

As a platform, we strive to help developers responsibly build new businesses and reach wider audiences across a variety of content types and genres. In response to strong d...