Matt Mullenweg

WordPress 6.6 “Dorsey”

Say hello to the latest WordPress! WordPress 6.6 "Dorsey" is here to deliver on the promise of a better web with style, finesse, and a suite of enhanced tools to create beautifully coherent design elements and the confidence of automatic rollbacks for your plugin updates.

WordPress 6.5 “Regina”

WordPress 6.5 "Regina" is here! Named in honor of Regina Carter, renowned jazz violinist and educator, this release was made possible by over 700 contributors. Download WordPress 6.5 “Regina” today.

Data Liberation in 2024

Imagine a more open web where people can switch between any platform of their choosing. A web where being locked into a system is a thing of the past. This is the web I’ve always wanted to see. That’s why I announced a new initiative called Data Liberation for 2024. Migrating your site to WordPress, […]