3 steps guide to start your website

We know that starting a website is confusing for those who don’t have an idea where to begin.  There is a lot off free website builder out there and it is so easy to learn on your own to start with.

We at w3bMast3r.com wants to guide you in a way that you want to learn in a professional manner that you can have the rights tools and resources for the business.

Let’s think that you already have an existing business and you just need to create your business website. Here are my 3 steps guide:

1. Buy your domain name – it is best to use your business name as your domain name. It is one way of branding your company for a customer to recognize your business. But sometimes you cannot avoid that your prepared domain name isn’t available anymore. Check the availability of your domain at Godaddy.com.

2. Buy hosting plan – hosting plan is where you will install or upload your website. Companies that are selling domain name offering a complete package with hosting plan and other offers. See some of these web hosting company for you to have an idea.

3. Create your website – this is where you make your website, you need a designer to do that.



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